Okay Then.

I don’t really know what to say.

Obviously, my last post was kind of blah, but what else can I say? I can’t really just come out and say the name of the place, otherwise they’ll just try to sue me for deprivation of property and outstanding title, but then I can go at them with the whole amendment and free speech likeness, therefore keeping my ass safe–while at the same time taking way too much time out of my life to deal with it and nothing would change anyway.

Yes, I sound horrible and depressing on that, but it is very true because there is only one way to change anything at that facility: Fire everyone and hire new people. But, even that would just ensue more chaos and then who knows if the new people would be better or worse than the previous? And, there are a few good workers there and they deserve the credit for everything that they do.

Gah, I sound so horrid I don’t even want to think about it anymore. How about an even better subject?


Ah yes, the wonderful world of paying those stupid things. I have six, no, seven a month. Isn’t that great? I just have to find a couple of people so I can set up appointments with by Monday afternoon, so I have enough to pay our loan payment for this coming month. The phone bill is in the bag, so to say, because I have the money for it and will have most of the money for the loan payment by next Monday, though I’ll be needing to make about fifty dollars more just to be sure.

Oh, correction, we will have to make fifty dollars more.

You see, my fiancee and I both have the same job. He was recently fired from his last job because of “schedule conflicts” and he has been selling for the past couple of weeks while I had the only full-time job between the two of us. Well, that is gone now too because of my inability to think of only myself and I am falling back on this job just as well as he.

Needless to say, the next couple of months are going to be hard and Xmas this year is probably going to suck just as bad as it did last year, but we’ll just scrape by, as usual.

Forgive me if I randomly shout “I NEED TO WIN THE LOTTERY!!!” because it is very true.

..If only we had the money to buy tickets.


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