Animal Crossing: For Lazy Bums?

I mean, I was just reading a review and the guy made a great point: Here you are, on a train, going to move to a new town and when someone (a cat named Rover, of all things) asks you where you’re house is, you have no idea.. Because you didn’t bother buying one before leaving home! How much more of a lazy bum does one have to be? Here we go… On a train ride. You are sitting there and BOOM, you come to the realization that you don’t have anywhere to stay.! Lazy? Yes. Stupid, even more so. But, damn it, I just love this game to death.

Hopefully, I’ll find my controllers here in a bit and I can go play while *someone* plays Red Ninja on the Playstation 2.

Oh yes, someone needs to buy me a PS3 & a WII. Anyone?


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