What Should I Name This?

I have no idea.

So, what’s up with today? Or, should I say, the past couple of days? All it’s been doing is storming and raining then the sun shines and it happens all over again. It’s so repetitive. Boring too, because it’s not something fun I can chase or anything like that. These aren’t even severe storms!

Though, I shouldn’t complain. Because if I do, a big friggin’ tornado is going to come down and get me.

Which wouldn’t surprise me.

Well, we’re having our troubles. And by that I mean the normal things that happen when teenagers become adults. So, I’m trying to figure out what exactly we’ll be doing soon. Sure, a house would be great if I could MAGICALLY WIN THE LOTTERY, but for some reason I doubt that’ll be occurring soon.

So, what other options do we have? Well, we could both get another job and try to get an apartment, which will eat away at our money until we have nothing.

I’m just thinking about everything-which happens a lot-and trying to pick out the best things that we can possibly do in our current situation.



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