Is It Over Yet?

I have no idea what, but, yeah.

So, I had a bit o’ extra money because my PS2 sold for just over seventy dollars. I was surprised by that, since it was just the console itself, no cords or anything else. Oh well.

Anywho, I get to start the calling of the people here in a bit. It’s a Sunday, so I figure I’ll call later and people will be home, because right now people are still out and about with their families and so forth.

Anything else? Well, not really. I know I haven’t written for a couple (several) days now and I don’t know why besides that I haven’t had much to say.

Well, that was rather interesting. Though I have watched it before, Cain and Abel: Brothers at War on The National Geographic Channel, it was just talking about the translation of what God was saying the Cain after he killed and buried Abel.

The translation was that Abel’s blood was crying out to him, but the translation of “Abel’s bloods” was more accurate. Because, with the “bloods” being not just Abel but his children and his children’s children (that will never be born because he was murdered) crying out from the ground.

This is supposed to be very important because that is what someone should truly think about when and once they have murdered another. But, all anyone thinks about now is how much time they’ll get for killing someone or whether or not they’ll be killed in return.

Strange, but true-ish.


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