What Am I Doing?

Nothing much: Just a little here and there.

Honestly, just trying to get by. I will be needing my car back soon (it’s in the shop because it hates me) and I’ll either need to log in to ROLO tonight or go down to Evansville tomorrow sometime to get my paperwork done so I’ll get a paycheck next week.

Well, I’m still selling things online at eBay. Currently, several video games and I’m starting on the computer parts. My old PC is trashed anyway, for the most part, so why not make a couple of bucks off the pieces that’ll sell?

Really though, if anyone even bothers to read this, it’d be awesome if you would

a little bit to help get me/us by the next couple of months. Yes, money is tight and I’m bad for not trying harder to get more done, sell more, and just overall getting more money, but we all know how hard it is sometimes.


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