Speaking of Time..

I was just sitting here, thinking, “Hey, I’ve had a blog since I was 13.”

Maybe 12, but at least 13. That’s when I first started getting online and everything.

I had AOL, also known as AOh helL. I used LiveJournal as my first blog program/service. My old screenname was Sith_Yoko.

Unfortunately, my last boyfriend had me delete it. It was o ne of those, “If you don’t, I’ll leave you” things, which was really just petty and silly of him. (He seemed to think that by talking to my old friends and ex’s I’d leave him. I should have!)

Before I deleted that, I had it for many, many years. All those blogs are gone now though, and it sucks not to have archives of any of it.

I also have a MySpace account(s) and did have a couple of other LJ accounts that ex didn’t know about (hehe). I had several other little blogs on sites of my own, my last being 3ni9m4tic.com. (That I still own, but don’t have hosted any longer.)

What else? Well, here’s my point(s):

  • If you like something, don’t stop doing it.
  • If someone really cares about you, they aren’t going to bother changing something so trivial.
  • Whenever you have an ambition, stick with it and keep it up–it may pay off (somehow).
  • And whatever else you can possibly get from what I’ve stated above.

Thank you and goodnight!


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