I’m Going, Going, Gone!

Well, not till tomorrow morning. We’re going camping for the weekend.

At least, I think we still are.

Hence why I am still awake, having taken a nap, and am going to stay awake till this afternoon till the mail comes or till we both pass out.

I’ll just have to find out when we’ll be leaving in the morning so I know when to be up.

I just wish I had my car back. It’s been a whole week and I’m so sad. I haven’t even been using my mom’s car, but I have to today when they get back from my grandmother’s radiation therapy.

My stomach hurts; I just at a McGriddle. Those are good. Sweet & salty.

Wow, I have about zip to say today. Damn, I was hoping I would waste some time on this, but I seem to have failed.

Well, I’ll just go wash some clothes for tomorrow and annoying the cats and J. That’s the plan!


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