I’m just taking a break while washing clothes and such. Not much going on today. We’ll be going to watch J.’s sister get her tattoo done around three, since she doesn’t want to go alone again. Besides that, I’m waiting for J. to call to see if I need to go pick him up before then or if he’s getting a ride. (He’s out helping his dad today.)

Anything else? Not really. The Fairly Oddparents are on, of course, and I’ve seen this and every other episode about a zillion times already. Nothing new on that front. Though, I did miss many on the new Spongebob Squarepants episodes from last week.

By the way–IT’S SHARK WEEK!!!

I really should have taken a couple of pictures of Dick Clarks when I drove past there yesterday. The whole kitchen area is gutted and the roof was falling in. I know several people that really liked that place when they lived here and I know they would have liked to see pictures! They did find out what caused the fire though; a faulty griddle. Ah, the irony in that one.

Well, I do have several things I need to get done this week, so yay! Since it’s the last of the month, I need to fix my dry-erase calendar soon. Yeppers! (I have no idea why I put that there.)

That and I need to add a couple of things to my schedule, but besides tha, nothing much is going on.

Back to whatever the hell I was doing Jeeves!


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