What To Do Today?

Nothing really. It’s still freakishly hot outside, though it’s nice enough in the shade because of the little bit of wind. As long as you don’t move around too much, that is.

He’s off again doing work and I’m stuck at home because my car is still in the shop.

Honestly, I don’t even want to know what’s wrong with it. I know that there was something wrong with the engine and I have a sneaking suspicion that the transmission needed to be fixed as well. That and it needed new tires. And probably god knows what else.

Besides that wonderfulness, I don’t know. I’m still working on cleaning up around here and the only thing I’ve really accomplished so far today is watering the cats and dog and putting up a bird feeder. I slept in today.

Still needing to find all my dry-erase markers so I can redo my calendar for this month, then remember to write everything down on my schedule. Oh, that reminds me: I was planning on looking up the prices on my planner pages, so I can order them a month in advance. (Not as though I have the money to do it currently.)

Yes, we are, again, screwed on the money front. But that’s nothing new. We’ve just been scraping by here recently because it’s pretty hard to get out and do any type of work when you don’t have a car. Yes, it blows and I can’t wait till my car is fixed and back to me, but I want the poor thing to be fixed completely and utterly before I get my hands on it again.

Someone yesterday asked me if [the place I got my car from] checks them before selling them. Of course! That car was trashed before they repaired it. It had to have a new front axle people! I got it for just above the price it was repo’ed for, which was really generous compared to how much work they had to put into it just to get it running again.

On top of that, in the first couple of months I put over four-thousand miles on it! That poor car was run all over the general area and it’s just a little old four-cylinder. Poor thing.

Anyway, for how hard I drove it, it’s not any surprise to me that it seriously needed work. It’s a 1992 Saturn. It’s not like it’s a new car that’s supposed to take that kind of abuse.. I killed the odometer within the first month of having it!

Well, anyway, I miss my car. I miss taking Maple (our puppy) out on rides because she loves sitting in the back seat and looking out the window. I especially miss not having a way to get around to make the money we need just to make it from month to month. So, I hope that I get it back soon.


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