Minnesota Bridge Collapse

It’s all over the news.

They’re interviewing family members of people that are lost.

CNN is talking to someone that sent them pictures from his cell phone.

Does anyone else think CNN is going to hell? Why are they calling people that have nothing to do with the event? How do I get on this “To Call” list so I can speak my mind about things that have nothing to do with me?

Along the lines of News: That horrible, horrible woman that had four dead babies in her house, is supposed to have cleaned and dressed the two that she later put in trash bags and stuffed in her closet. Besides that, there was one in the trunk of a junk car in her yard. In addition, last time I read anything, some cadaver dogs were picking up on another scent.

What the fuck?

What is wrong with people? Why would you do that to something you gave birth to? What is wrong with this world when that becomes no-unheard of–because I’ve personally heard of things like this happening a handful of times in my lifetime! It’s not like I’m that old here people!

Ah, forgive me, but some people.. I don’t know. It’s not like I believe in taking them out back and shooting them, though, in some cases, that may be the right solution.

Also, a bunch of children’s toys are being recalled for having lead-based paint. WTF!?!


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