What To Do Today, Part 2?

Yes, yes it is.

(Because I’m too lazy/non-creative to come up with a new title today.)

Well, I’m currently looking about the room in hopes of finding something to sell. Because I don’t need all the things I have, but I’m a pack rat and do not want to part with any of them.

That and I’d like to go make some food.

Yesss.. Scrambled eggs and cheese and bacon on two pieces of buttered toast. Hm, buttered toast.

But I won’t go and make that. I just need to eat something, but what? Food, I would assume.

Not much to do. We went shopping yesterday afternoon and snagged what we needed for the week/month and wasted what little money we have on that. Eventually, essential items add up over time. Blah.

Oh, I forgot to go put the clothes in the drier last night. My bad, I need to go do that and grab something to eat.


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