Currently Catching Up On..

Questionable Content. No worries, I will be putting up a sidebar link to it soon enough.

Though, I still have over two-hundred more comics to read till I’m caught up for this weekend.

That’s really all I’ve been doing since last night, at least, online. I had gotten to the point were everything on the internet I had read or reread a dozen times over and I was getting so dreadfully bored with it.

Then, I remembered I hadn’t read QC in a long while. Since, like, Xmas ‘06. And then it took me around two hours to find out where I was in the series when I last read it. I thought I was back in the 500’s, but, alas, no.. I was up to 770.

Now I’m just over the 810 mark.. My problem being I have to load the images seperately from the page, which I discovered was keeping it from loading because my internet connection is just too slow. And I still have to refresh the image about halfway down to get the whole comic strip.

Gah, it annoys me, yes, but it is what has to be done to read! Therefore, I do!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to read somemore.

Comment posted by — — —
at 8/6/2007 5:36:53 PM

I think that everyone does at some point.
So, email me or something of that sort.
Or just keep talking to me on here. XP

Comment posted by Donnie
at 8/6/2007 4:57:18 PM

Oh, yea, I got that. I tend to forget I have an e-mail account.

Comment posted by — — —
at 8/6/2007 2:07:34 PM

Yes’m. That email that I sent you, to your hotmail account. Just in case you haven’t checked or missed it, it was about your login.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 8/5/2007 12:17:41 PM

You did? I don’t remember. Also, e-mail sucks!

Comment posted by — — —
at 8/5/2007 11:49:31 AM

Well, it’s not like I didn’t give you my email address a couple of days ago.
You could always just, you know, email me and talk that way. XP

Comment posted by Donnie
at 8/4/2007 11:16:53 AM

You should be on a messnger sometime, so I can yap at you and you can act like you’re interested in what I’m saying.=P


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