Wow, Did I Sleep in Today.

My bad on that one. I just drifted back off to sleep while thinking about writing one of my stories.

I hate it when that happens!

On to other news: has been sweet enough to post me and put me as the first Blogger for Hire.

Again, thank you very much for doing that. It’s very appreciated and I do mean it.

Anything else? Oh yes, I’m at home alone babysitting our tama’s today. Having fallen asleep at about nine when they were to wake up, I’m really surprised they didn’t wake me up. Usually anything that beeps gets my attention in my sleep. And my television was loud enough that everyone had a nuclear fallout drill (wtf?) because that’s what’s on Discovery Times and has been for a while.

Honestly, not much else to say except I’ve been doing good to keep one blog post a day so far this month. Awesomeness.

I did(!) finish QC yesterday! Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight! OW! Get down tonight!

(P.S. – I am NOT crazy. Just a little silly.)

About the tama’s again.. The website for their games and such, TamaTown, is crazy. Before, last version, you got an item and it had a little button that said something along the lines of, “Get Code,” or some such. Now, when you hit that, the coding would come up and you had to type it into the password form on your tama right then to get the item/money.

When you do that now, it doesn’t do anything. It just saves the codes till the end of your session–you log in and out now too–and you can only have ten codes per login. These codes are 10 numbers log and I have a hard time doing the ten item codes at the end of a session plus the log out code, which is in HEX. (I really thought that was weird, by the way.)

Anywho, I just can’t imagine children enjoying this part. They would get everything after the fact and they’d have a limit, but I understand the limiting part. Otherwise children could just play all day long.

I’m just wondering how many parents end up typing in some of the codes for kids at the end of the night, because that seems like something that would happen more often than not. I end up typing in all the codes for both of our tama’s because I’m faster, but it’s still really boring and I’m an adult! Children might get bored just as fast, I’m thinking.

To get off that subject; I, unfortunately, have things to do today. I was planning on washing clothes this morning, but the whole falling back to sleep thing really didn’t help. So, I still have that to do.

That and my hair is showing it’s Medusa side today and I fear that if anyone looks at me through anything but shiny surfaces, they may just turn to stone. Really, I think my hair is hissing at the computer now, so it compels me to go.


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