About My Tip Jar.

Well, it had to be done sometime, no?

My little PayPal “Donate” button is my tip jar. You know, like at a restaurant. You like the service or the food or something about the place, so you drop in a couple of cents or a dollar.

That’s what my tip jar is for.

I’m not rich; I have to pay out of pocket for my hosting every month, and sometimes it’s hard to pay that along with all the other bills.

If you have the extra cash and you want to donate a bit to help me along, I’d be forever grateful. But, please, don’t think that you have to.

There are other ways to help me accumulate money on this site, and most people know that. (I’ve just never made enough with them to be paid yet!)

Add-on edit: I don’t know how I forgot to add this yesterday, but please, if you donate, don’t forget to drop me a line so I can thank you!


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