I’m in a Rather Immense Amount of Pain.

And I can’t get comfortable unless I lay down. Guess what I’m doing? Sitting up.

It’s just my insides being sore and evil and raw. I don’t always get along with my insides. Sometimes, I think they hate me.

That and my lower back has been trying to kill me for the past week.

But that’s what I get for trying so damn hard to get what we want. Damn it.

Anyway, second post of the day. So much with the boredom and not being able to get up and move around. It just hurts too much to walk around. I had to in order to get some food earlier. It sucked.

Well, I came to a strange realization today after skimming through my posts: For the past couple of weeks, almost every blog post has been between 11am and 2pm. Before that, they were all in the middle of the night. Other than that, they’re a couple in the morning hours, but not too much.

So, what I’m getting at is that I’m getting back on a schedule again. I’ve been getting up between 5 and 6am the past week and a half (except weekends) because I have to shoo him off for work, then I go back to bed for a while. I go to sleep later than he does and he wakes up earlier than I do, sometimes.

It’s two in the afternoon and as much as I would just love to go out into the freakish heat–it’s felt like 116+F all day–I’m not going to go check the mail. The past two days I’ve gone up to the mailbox at about this time only to find that the mailman/woman is still down the road and not here yet. But if I just wait a couple of hours, it’s usually there.

Now watch: Today there will be no mail whatsoever because the mailperson has the ability to read my mind and now hates me, deeply.

It really wouldn’t surprise me. The guy hit the guide wires holding our telephone pole up one day. It was great. He wasn’t paying attention and had to turn around in our long driveway. He just missed my mom’s new car and he hit the half-inch thick steel wire and it’s scratched up the black bumper on his truck. (Our mailpeople use their own vehicles.)

Why in the world am I still talking? I have to go pee.

Comment posted by — — —
at 8/8/2007 5:38:00 PM

Well, when one sees a title like “A Geek’s Perfect Vespa,” it’s hard to pass up!

Comment posted by phasetwo
at 8/8/2007 4:49:24 PM

thanks for the comment on my blog!
Don’t feel bad about the heat, it’s cold and raining here in Switzerland (and some parts of the country are flooded) … :S
take care


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