Things I Learned as a Child, That No One Teaches.

I was the baby of my family. The adults always adored me and most of my cousins were cruel and rude.

When I was very young, I learned two very important things: A) Being a rude and annoying child will just set you up to fail at life as an adult & B) That I never want my children to act that way.

In my family, I got used to them. The annoyances, the shouting, the screaming, the fighting.. But that doesn’t mean I’ll tolerate it.

Yesterday, I could not believe how rude this one child was. He had no idea what personal space was. First, he didn’t start with me. He sat next to J.–when I say next, I mean against–and kept asking question after question, only to reply to each answer with a snort and some stupid string of words that didn’t make a sentence.

That was bad, yes, but then the little boy, probably 8 to 10 years old, comes over to annoy both of us. We got up to go throw something away and he followed behind just far enough distance for most people not to notice–but I did. He stopped every time we did and I found it creepy. I didn’t like how he was acting.

Then he targeted me. When I went back to sit down, he followed. He didn’t stop until he was up against me and in my face! I have a problem with people being too close because it scares the hell out of me and I hate being touched by most people. So, yeah, this kid was freaking me out.

He proceeded to, about two inches from my face, ask, “Who are you? You look like my cousin Nancy.”

Not as though I cared about looking like his cousin Nancy. I answered, giving him a bit of a chance, “I’m his,” gesturing to J., “girlfriend.”

“Well, duh,” he snorted. “Who are you?”

Gah, this was annoying. Most of the time with his family, they just ask who I am because they want to know a generalized idea, and they never care about your name. They won’t see me again and they don’t need to bother to know it.

But this little boy was just being difficult. He pushed up his glasses farther on his nose and waited for me to answer.

Shudder. He was too close to me for waaaay too long. I gently let him backwards and told him, very plainly, “I need a little personal space.”

He snorted again, of course. I put up my feet on the seats in front of me so he wouldn’t bother me any longer. That failed. He managed to squirm around them and start throwing question after question followed by strings of words that didn’t make sentences, then he’d snort and laugh, push up his glasses and begin again.

I kept whispering, “Just ignore him and he’ll go away,” but my boyfriend didn’t listen. Eventually, the boy either got tired of annoying us or sensed that I was glaring daggers through his eyes and left, never to return.

You see, normally if one ignores someone that friggin’ annoying, they will submit and walk away. I’m really not for sure about this one. My normal get-away-from-me glare didn’t work, and, believe me, that almost always works on children.

I just never want my kids to grow up to find something like that humorous. It’s just rude and the most annoying thing, because we all know that their parents don’t care and just don’t bother teaching them any better. Life is going to kick that little boy in the ass the first time he tries that on the wrong person.

Forgive me for the rant, but evil children do that to me. I love kids, but not rude, spoilt kids.

Also, I’m not red anymore, my skin is a rather deep tan and pretty. Go me.

Comment posted by — — —
at 8/13/2007 9:55:12 PM

I was taught to be quiet and polite, but apparently that’s lost on the children of today.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 8/13/2007 4:17:10 PM

That’s the kind of thing that happens all day at my house. I like the IDEA of kids, the nice little kind, but the reality of kids usually annoys the shit out of me.


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