Playstation Rambles.

Hmm.. The Playstation. The generations of the PS. There is the wonderful little versions of the PSone as well as the big black box known as the PS2 and the tiny heat-machine, the PS2 slim. Those are the “old gen” ones though. The new PS’s on the block, respectively, are the PSP and the Playstation 3.

Of course, one may not think of the PSP as a Playstation. But, it is. It just happens to be tiny, portable, and have really bad graphics at times. Besides that and the not-so-great battery life, it could be good–if you have that money to spend.

Now, the Playstation 3 is something.. Different. It’s big. It’s shiny. It plays games that I only dreamed of with the PS2. But, alas, I wonder–what will become of that huge machine? They’ve dropped the sizes of every one before it (including the PSP in the future) and the PSone and PS2 dropped several dress sizes over the years. What size will the PS3 be when the PS4 comes out?


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