What to do.. With the Dog.

Yeah, she’s getting big. That and she still thinks she can play with Bill, the Siamese cat, and not hurt him. He’s got little scratches all around his neck where she’s tried to pick him up. So, I’ve decided that they shouldn’t be together anymore.

Now, if I take the new dog house out of the pen, it’ll be big enough for her no matter how much more she grows. Unless she gets super big, then we’re in trouble. The old wooden doghouse would do good for Bill because it’s smaller and it wouldn’t be as hard for him to jump on top of to lay down.

But Bill and Maple get along pretty well. It’s just that she’s freakishly strong and she can do whatever she wants with the little old cat.

But they get so sad without each other and they both cry.. Especially Billy. He’s attached to her to some reason.

Plus, taking Maple out of the pen would be good for her. She’s going to be too big for that pen in a little bit of no time, if she keeps growing like that. (We got her in June, and she was about three months old. You do the math and figure out when she’ll stop growing. It’s not anytime soon.)

Well, now onto the “when, where, and how” part. Sigh. It’s going to be a son-of-a-bitch to do, but it’ll get done eventually.

By the way, Naturo marathon for a couple of days. I woke up and that’s what was one.

Also, I did do something new, site-wise, a while back and just forgot to link it up. I managed to write a long short list of bands that I listen to. (Long as in it’s a long frickin’ list and short as in it’s not complete–got it?) I put them up on my Playlist page, though it has none of the playlists at all. I got tired after the writing of 200+ bands, so sue me. So, that’ll get updated sometime, I just wanted to link it.


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