What About Today?

I have plans for the next two weekends. Go me. This Saturday we’ll be going to Holiday World and next weekend we’ll be off camping. Maybe we’ll take the puppy. Who knows.

Still icky. I will tell you right now, something you should never, ever do: Throw up sushi with wasabi. Oh god, my nose and throat burned and actually bled, it hurt so bad. My nose is still painful and raw, and it feels like I have a head cold. I had to stop getting sick to blow my nose because it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. I hadn’t been expecting that.

Gah, anywho, what else? Oh, no worries about me missing a few posts while I’m gone, because I’ll just send some pictures and post a little bit. Nothing big though, unless I’m extremely bored and feel like typing tons with my cell.
Uh, oh yeah, I almost forgot what I was going to say: I updated my WordPress. That’s why I updated my theme again, well, that and I saw like three other domains with the exact same thing.

Okay, I was just distracted a bit. Well, if anyone else out there uses WordPress, you will probably know that they are currently being blocked in Turkey. This is strange enough, but read here about the reasons of why.

It’s a pretty weak reason to block sites, just because they don’t have control over it. Do they not realize how large that WordPress is? Obviously not. It’s not like people can constantly look around for people that are talking shit, because no one has that amount of time. But they can block the entire site to get their point through.

Here’s my thoughts, because they hardly ever post my comments:

It doesn’t seem to really be so important that they block WordPress, because all the people are going to do is get on MySpace or BlogSpot or anyplace like that and do the exact same thing. Is the Turkish government going to block all of these sites if that is the case?

And on top of that, the guys behind the slander can always just waste a couple of bucks and keep on buying domains to piss them off even more. Then they’ll just have to keep going to court, blocking sites, and it’ll get way out of hand.

They should have stopped and thought about this from a different point-of-view. Why not press the courts and sue that man (or organization) for damages to the name and possible damage to book sales. That would have made more sense.

For more information on why Turkey is being so, well, rude about this ordeal, read here.


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