Wow, I’m Hating Our “Government.”

Hold up those little finger quotations on that one. I don’t know what happened to the United States in the past ten years, but I know it can’t possibly be good. I mean, when I was younger I’m sure things were bad, but I just never noticed. Ah, to be young and stupid and not know anything about the world around you–I do so miss that.

Well, now it’s the “sovereignty” and the “North American Union” that I’m thinking about. I swear, it’s just that our president likes to say the word “sovereignty” and nothing more. I’m pretty sure he isn’t smart enough to know what the hell it means anyway.

You know, I’ve made some strange choices in my day. I remember back in first grade we (my class) voted on who they wanted to become the next president. I picked Bill Clinton. He seemed pretty nice and laid back, and not very frightening compared to other people that were running, especially since I was only six.

Though, I liked what Clinton did, to an extent. I thought the whole trying to impeach him thing was ridiculous, simply because it was his personal life and had nothing to do with us. So what? If a man can’t drop his pants and get a blow job every once in a while, they’ll end up like our current president!

Speaking of, he’s a moron. Plain and simple. We’re (my family) is pretty sure that he was only really “elected” because of his father, whom I really didn’t like as a former president.

Now, don’t get me wrong.. I’ve never voted. I’ve never had the chance. And, this coming year, is going to suck. I want a good, strong leader that isn’t stupid or self-absorbed or a lunatic–well hell, I think I just got rid of most of them with those three. XD

Seriously though, can we just get a sane individual to run our country for just this one time? Because, if we do get someone good in there, maybe we’ll continue our lazy streak and just re-elect him (Do you really think they’ll vote for a woman? I doubt it, you pigs..) a second time because we “don’t know about anyone else” or “he has his hands in this too deep to leave.”

Ah, America, you suck ass sometimes.

Anywhooooo… I added pictures on the sidebar. Enjoy them. I didn’t fix my pages like I said I would, but I did upload most of the pictures that I needed. I only have to take a couple more pictures of randomness before I’m done with that and then can fix everything up real nice.

I think I’m just kind of blah today. I have accomplished anything and it just seems like I’ve done absolutely nothing. Well, I’ve done pretty close to that. I’ve managed to do a couple of things and, right now, I’m going to head outside and go check on the animals before J. comes back home for the night. Not too much money for the past two days, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.


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