Yay, I Finally Put Up a Favicon!

Yes, I just happened to think about it today and put it up. Made it in two seconds, but it matches with the theme.

Anywho, I am planning on working on a bit of the site today. Mainly, the pages that I have failed to finish. The tama one is my first one, I’m sure of that. I’ll just take some pictures with my cell and be done with it. It won’t have all of them though, because I’m not for sure all of them are here.. Actually, I know that J. has a couple of them.

What else? Hm, I should would on the others as well. I’ll have to think about each section as I come to it. Oh! And I need to update my plugins page, since I dropped a couple of them and added some, then deleted some, and ended up with the basics. Yes, I do make life difficult.

Did you see Dean? He seemed to have kicked some major ass.. Third on the lowest millibar levels, ever. Only Wilma and Gilbert are higher than his. (That’s what I’ve heard, though it isn’t online yet.) Also, he hit land as a Category 5. I was up just before he hit landfall, with 165 MPH winds around the eye, and they were saying that it would hit Maya Costa. Hopefully, they all got out in time. A Category 5 is not something to laugh about.

Well, I can’t really think of anything else, but if I do later, I’ll post it.

Comment posted by — — —
at 8/22/2007 6:26:25 AM

Lol, I’ve had mine do weird things like that before. It just didn’t like having no favicon, so it made one itself. Creepy, your browser is ALIVE.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 8/21/2007 11:33:55 PM

Lol, my bookmark for this site had stolen the GameFAQS website icon for some reason. Now it looks better.=P


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