Feminist? I Didn’t Think So..

But I just don’t know anymore. It’s not like I’m about to head out and protest the women in town that honestly think and teach their children that women “belong in the kitchen,” though I would love to. But, that’s a matter of what they believe and I think that all women should be able to accept that some women just want to stay at home all of their lives.

I happen to be one of them. My entire life, I have only wanted to be a mother. A good mother, I should say. I know all the things that I want to tell my children when they grow up and just how I want to raise them, and I want to stay at home and care for them. It’s not because I think that’s what women should do, but it is what I want to do.

The thing is, I’ve always hated feminist movements because of that. I’ve only been around the snobby ones–that think since they want equal rights and such–that women that do stay at home are against their cause. But I am not one of those Christian women. I have a mind of my own and I will make the decision on my own terms, though some people just never listen.

I am all for equal rights. Women that want to be in the military should be–just as men that want to be in the military should be. I do not believe in the draft. I think it is utter bullshit. If you want to do something, whether male or female, you should be able to. Just as I think that race doesn’t matter, I don’t think that gender–or anything else for that matter–should make a difference.

But, equal rights are getting better over time. One thing that I read about yesterday stunned me though. Back, many years ago, there was a young man that was beaten to death. He was attractive, smart, and had a lot going for him. If it had been nothing but that in the headlines, it would have been a horrible travesty.

But, since they added that he was killed for being a homosexual, everything changed. Some people, not outspoken homophobes, secretly didn’t mind–and I knew some of them. It’s horrible, yes, but it’s true. Some people that are out there, closer than any of us would like to think, have so little tolerance it’s disgusting.

Now, what really bothers me about this is simple: There is an act called The Matthew Shepard Act, which is about prosecuting intolerance. If this simple act cannot go through, then there is something seriously wrong in this country because hate crimes that are not against race are not prosecuted as they should be.

Also, crimes against women are being ignored. There is an article about how many women online are being stalked, harassed, and threatened with things such as rape and death, just for speaking their minds. Of course, the culprits of many of these online attacks have been men, wanting to scare strong outspoken women into silence.

I’ve been attacked before. I’ve been silenced before. But it’s not as though I say that much, so I know that women that really speak out on the pressing issues must face so much worse. And all the power to them for having the strength and courage to get through it. I don’t think any one person should ever be silenced, though many have been. (Example: Martin Luther King, Junior.)

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at 8/23/2007 9:37:34 AM

I’ve had this problem for several years and I don’t think it’ll stop anytime soon. It’s also happened to several people that I know. I don’t know why they do it or why they attack me, because I don’t know who is doing it.

And, no, I didn’t know about Wordless Wednesday. But, those are just picutres and probably only spam bots would go and hit every link. It would be kind of strange if one person did it instead.

Comment posted by Brian
at 8/22/2007 7:53:01 PM

I certainly don’t understand, A. why anyone would go around attacking anyone and B. why you would be a target? The legal system falls further and further behind with every passing time. Stalking someone online is no different than through the mails or in person.

Perhaps when victims of hate crimes online start suing the ISP’s and servers that will force changes.

Are you aware of Wordless Wednesday? Every Wednesday there is a post on you can leave a link back to your blog to a picture post. Most weeks there are around 500 blogs linked. I’ve never seen a problem with anybody.


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