I Never Accomplish Anything.

Okay, hopefully the first load of clothes is done drying by now, so I can put what is in the washer into the drier and then add some new clothes to be cleaned. Otherwise, I’ll be enjoying the sitting-here-ness of waiting forever for things to dry.

Besides that, I did do something–online of course. I get things done online, but never offline, it seems. I added little Digg links on every single page, so it’ll be easier to Digg any entry.

Also, I just remember why I wasn’t supposed to be online: My car should be done soon. I hope.. My mom’s car just broke down this morning and I’ll be needing my own car to drive her around to get her check tomorrow, that and my car will be the only car, besides J.’s, that we can drive.

Good thing that today was my grandmother’s last radiation treatment. The car was tired of it, apparently.

Comment posted by — — —
at 8/23/2007 7:23:11 PM

Yay-ness, at least you got back on. I do not talk on the MySpace anymore, simply because it sucks so much. Too many ads and everything else, really.

And Chris is always out and about, though he does end up on MySpace quite a lot. Really. That’s like, the only thing he does online besides probably read comics, look up porn, and play video games.

Big thanks to your cousin (my boyfriend) for failing to tell me that you moved. I’ll hit him later.

Comment posted by Steph
at 8/23/2007 3:23:59 PM

Okay. How are you. I bet you’re wondering where the hell I went. Right? Well I moved in with my brother Justin. [P-town] dropped their alternative school program and well I was going to visit my brother for the summer and well he suggusted I stay with him and his wife and just go to the alturnative school they have here. It’s called Merit and I’ve been going for about a week now. I bet you wanna know where my brother lives right? It is about six hours north of [P-town]. It’s called [far, far away] if you wanna look it up.
Don’t hurt me. I miss you too. When I got my account I found you and chris and well I guess you guys havn’t been on forever… Well that’s it for now.
Edited: To keep regions unknown.


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