Well, I’m Still Tired.

We had a big day yesterday. We ended up going to an auction and buying a couple of things. J. got me a beautiful, hand-made quilt and.. I got another kitten! She’s so cute and she’s under the laptop now attempting to sleep while I’m typing away. But that’s not all! I also got.. Ta-da! A female cockatiel. She’s so pretty, and screamy. So, we have a couple of new babies for our family. Now we’ve got Bill, Maple, Dib, a new kitten, and a new birdy. Yay!

So, I was so tired and wiped out after yesterday. Gah, it was insane. Oh yes, and, obviously, we’re not at the park today. That’s tomorrow, thankfully. I never would have been able to get up today and do something like that all day long. It’s just too, well, hot and icky out. But it appears as though it may rain today. Oh, so I need to go check on Maple soon.

What else? Well, we’ll be out all day tomorrow. It’s just going to be another long day and I’m going to try to sleep in on Monday. Oh, how nice it would be to go back to sleep…

J.’s out right now, looking up some things to cut up with his father next week. So, I’m stuck here with Dib, the kitten (nameless, currently), and the bird–who’s name, I believe, is now Squawky. She kept biting me, so yay. Yes, she is rather stressed, having been auctioned off, and she’s rather nippy. All and all, she’s calming down quite a lot today and being rather decent.

Anything else? Not that I can think of at the current time. I’m just going to get up to wash some clothes and take a shower, while I’m waiting for J. to get back. The kitten isn’t going to like me moving, but she’ll just cuddle up with the blankets and be good to go.


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