What is Going On?

I have no clue. The past couple of days, I’ve been rather busy with trying to tame the bird and playing with the new kitten, taking out the puppy, watching and checking on Bill because of the heat, and making sure Dib’s light is on in the day and off during the night–I’m just feeling like I have no time. I know it’s not that much to do, but with J. as well, I just don’t know. That, and I’ve been dealing with some computer, rather, browser issues, and I can’t access everything at the current time.

I haven’t even had the time to go through WordPress.com’s main page like I usually do.

That, and somehow I’m over-withdrawn at the bank and it doesn’t make any sense. For some reason, I deposited money one day at the bank, tried to use it the next day, and it still wasn’t in the account yet. So, I went from having fifty extra dollars to negative sixty dollars. And the big bill is due on the fourth.

I’m starting to think that keeping my money out of the bank would be easier. I never took out too much before, but it just seems as though the bank is too lazy to input the numbers every night for the next day. It wasn’t even showing the money that I put in it last week till today!

If it weren’t for a handful of bills, I wouldn’t need the bank account anyway. So, I’m thinking about just doing away with it except for those couple of bills I have to use it for–credit cards, phone, stuff like that. Everything else I can pay with cash, so that’s probably what I’ll do.

Believe me, the bank enjoys doing this to me. They have received tons of money from me by just overdraft fees because eBay charges to my account without my knowledge or something else stupid like that. Gah, take what little money we have and run with it, you son’s a bitches.


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