Okay, I just got some bad news.. The scrap metal that J. and his dad had cut up and had ready to haul off, well, someone stole it overnight.

Wonderful, right?

Well, here’s the problem… We have bills to pay. We haven’t made any money in the past week and we need to have a couple of hundred in a weeks time to pay the bills. It’s bad, because even if we dropped everything and got factory jobs right now, we wouldn’t be able to make the money within the time limit.

So, it’d be great if everyone could help us out on this one. Just donate a couple of dollars or click on my links or even buy something from the store. Anything at this point will help.

Just drop me a comment if you do. I’d love to thank you.

Comment posted by — — —
at 9/5/2007 1:56:23 PM

It might be a good idea to send him to someplace like that. If he isn’t going to listen to anyone, he’ll have to listen to people that controll his life off somewhere else. Especially if being sent off to jail doesn’t scare the boy.!

Comment posted by Donnie
at 9/5/2007 3:43:30 AM

Oh how I wish I could, he doesn’t listen to a damn thing anyone says. When he got caught he got taken in by the cops in the back of a car with cuffs on and everything, he’s either going to straighten out a bit or get sent off to a boys school or something.

Comment posted by — — —
at 9/5/2007 12:59:14 AM

Wow, you seriously need to teach that kid some respect. He seems dumb, sure, but he also–obviously–doesn’t give a fuck one way or the other. If he had, he wouldn’t have done something like that in the first place.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 9/5/2007 12:32:14 AM

He walked in while I was sleeping and stole it like the dumb little bastard he is, as if I wouldn’t notice a bunch of cash missing. Now his birthday money goes to me, but his mom/my sister is poor as hell despite living at the parents house so I’m not going to get it back for a while.

Comment posted by — — —
at 9/4/2007 11:59:18 PM

Your nephew stole it? How in the world did he manage that one?

Comment posted by Donnie
at 9/4/2007 8:48:07 PM

Oh god damnit, the one time I could actually help you with something and I’m broke. Nephew stole all my money so now my sister owes me approx $220 and its going to take forever for her ass to pay it all to me.


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