Relaxing, No, Just Being Lazy.

It took me months, but I finally decided to get online yesterday when I got home and go through all the spam mail in my drop email address. This is the email that everything goes to that isn’t directed at a proper address. It’s just full all the time and deletes itself every month, but I wanted to go through and do it myself. I doubt I’ll ever do this again, because it is pointless.

I know that as soon as I get through them all, there will be more. So, what’s the point? Saving some space. That is all.

Well, done with that now. On-ward…

We spent the extended weekend at Patoka Lake. It’s alright and it is pretty, but I far prefer Garden of the Gods. Rocks win over trees any day in my book. Though trees do come in a close second.

I’ll be uploading the rest of my photos (all two!) soon on Flickr. At least, I think so. I’m just wondering what the phone bill is going to be this month, since I added the internet to it for $15 in order to save over $75, because each photo I send without it costs about three dollars. Yes, now tell me that isn’t a service that’s robbing people blind.

Besides that, I don’t know what I’ll be doing today. You know, besides the random things that I do everyday, including finishing off the several loads of laundry I have left to do. Gah. Now that I think about it, I may not have enough detergent to complete this task.. Damn.

Oh yes, and I have a horrible sunburn on my shoulders. Remember me saying that I only burn in water? Two days in a row. This is only the second or third time I’ve ever gotten a sunburn and this is probably the worst. Sunscreen does not save me!


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