I’m Up, I’m Up. (Sleep Madness!)

I didn’t mention this yesterday, but I never really went to bed. Somehow, I had convinced myself that I had and I was up until I went to sleep last night, in which I just woke up from sleeping a little over twelve hours.. So, I just slept for two nights. Go me.

Also, I’m convinced that I’ve gotten J. hooked on Animal Crossing. This game is rather addicting, especially since I’m trying to pay off my new house. We just started this town before we went on vacation, but I’ve only got one upgrade left, so I’m doing okay. J. just really, really likes fishing and once he starts he doesn’t want to stop anytime soon.

Tigger is currently sitting/laying in the floor on top of the Playstation 2. I do believe that it’s keeping him warm. Cute, but weird.

Ah, speaking of things.. Several days ago I updated my About the Author section. I was so tired of the way that it looked, so, ta-da! I fixed it. It has more about me-ish and about the people that I include in my writing, so I don’t confuse everyone. I’m planning on adding photos to each one, but, of course, nothing that actually shows anyone.. People like their privacy you know.

I really need to work on my Adopted Critters and Links In/Links Out sections more. I don’t know what I’ll be doing to them besides adding more and moving things around, but I want to do something with them. (Like add my online profile!)

Okay, I’m back. Went outside to go take care of the animals. Now, Tigger is on my bed, sniffing my fingers as I type. Now that’s creepy.

I know I had something else to say, but I have no idea what it was anymore. My bad.


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