I Forget What “P.S.” Stands For.

P.S. — I remembered what I was going to say! I changed the title to Hitting Harder Than Jerry Falwell Playing Halo 3. If anyone can tell me who Mr. Falwell is and why he is sooo popular right now, you get a cookie. (Obviously, I already know–duh!)

P.S.S. — I forgot to mention that I updated my WordPress to 2.2.2! Go me. (Go me, goby! Rofl.) I’ll probably upgrade to 2.2.3 whenever they’re done beta testing it and it’s all, you know, devoid of moths.

P.S.S.S. — Maple accidentally ripped off my left thumb nail. I am disabled at the typing!

P.S.S.S.S. — The site was down for a while today due to hosting issues. (They were fixing bugs.) Because of this, the site was missing from radar for about a hour or two. Besides that, it’s all back and good and it’ll stay that way.  For some reason though, my site was not hosted on the servers that they were working on, but this site was down anyway. Stupid internets.


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