Beautiful Day, Today.

Really. It’s very nice out. It’s been a wonderful 70 degrees (F) or so the past couple of days. It makes the weather oh-so nice out.

I remember that I was going to mention that a couple of days ago, when I walked outside and it was below 60. It was cold!

Anywho, I am currently typing without my keys on the keyboard. I’ll show you a picture here. It’s okay and everything, but I only did it to clean and now I realize that most of the dirt doesn’t want to come off. I think I’ll have to clean it better at another time, because I don’t really have any liquid to do it with at this time.

Also, this next week is going to suck. I’ve been trying to get a job, but all the places I’m going to are still just accepting applications until they get enough people to go through the stack. Gah, why put out ads if they aren’t going to hire for some time?

So, money is tight. And, it doesn’t help that I have a car payment tomorrow of $90 that we don’t have. I have to borrow the money and pay it, otherwise bye-bye car.

Life sucks like that though. You have to have a car to get and keep a job. (I live in the country, so I really do have to!) You have to have money to pay for the car and for gas for the car. It’s just a vicious cycle. An evil, vicious cycle.


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