I Remembered!

Ha! I remembered the little thing that I was going to mention a couple of days ago.

It was about Torchwood. If you don’t like British shows, don’t bother trying to watch it. But, if you can understand Brits and you like the paranormal, you’ll love this show.

Anywho, SPOILER–somewhat, at least.

In the beginning of the show, they’re using a glove to “resurrect” a young man that was just killed, stabbed in the back. As they’re asking him questions, he starts to freak out a bit. The team leader explains to him that he is dead and asks what happened to him. The young man really freaks, explaining and crying that there was nothing.

Aw, now wouldn’t that just blow? You get to come back for a few minutes to talk, and then you realize that there is nothing after death? Man, what a spoiler for all you Christians out there.

Also, I just wanted to add that I’ve updated my Links In/Links Out a bit. Please click around and enjoy.

Comment posted by — — —
at 9/22/2007 1:32:25 PM

I understand that, but I’ve missed out on the whole Doctor Who series and since Torchwood just started, it seems like I can get into the series more.

Comment posted by simonkaye
at 9/22/2007 4:07:48 AM

Have to say I didn’t really like Torchwood. If you like the quirky British nonsense-SF, I’d stick with Doctor Who. Torchwood is really just doctor who with sex and swearing. Except that makes it sound better than it is.


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