I Missed a Couple of Days!

Oh well. My month + streak is over and I can honestly say that I forgot to post Saturday. We had a long day. Then, on Sunday, it was J.’s birthday, so I decided, eh, what the hell.. I just won’t post since I already missed a day. Is anyone out there really counting besides me? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, I’ve been making my way around the WordPress blogosphere the past couple of weeks. I have seen some pretty good posts, and some pretty bad ones, so that’s how most of my links are coming in. So, if I’ve posted on your blog and your just here to look, feel free to do so!

Well, a couple of days ago I started reading about how Facebook is denying people the ability to have breastfeeding groups. What the hell? Are breast in America now so much thought of as sexual objects that a mother can not feed her child the way nature intended? That’s just ridiculous, to say the least. (It’s worse because they are banning people for it!)

Anywho, I found the perfect visual representation of breastfeeding here. If you are against it or for it, you should check it out. It proves a very valid statement.


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    Tara Says:

    Thanks for linking up my blog! I really want everyone to see it, especially the good ole’ breastfeeding stuff!

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