What is This?

This is a post, duh.

Well, this is a post that is here to explain something, I should say. You see, I’ve been having some problems lately. Fortunately, it has nothing to do with my host, which is what usually happens to me.

Currently, the ISP that I’ve been using is acting up. As in, it’s not letting me access everything during the day. I have a couple of reasons behind why this would be occurring, but nothing that I would, as of yet, like to explain. Just know that I will not be able to post as much, because I just won’t be able to access the site. (Like yesterday.)

Besides that, the internet on my phone is also being a son of a bitch, which means I can’t even send mail through it. So, until both or one of these problems are fixed, I’ll be updating whenever possible, instead of trying to every day.

Not to say that I don’t have things to talk about though. I always have things to talk about, believe me.

Anywhom, that’s really all I wanted to say for the night. Off to watch more Final Fantasy XII on my widescreen. Also, to everyone that is in line for Halo 3–best of luck to you. Hope the game rocks.


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