IAM is currently offline.

(I am sorry about the little bit of downtime the site has had today. I will check up more often to make sure this does not happen in the future. Thank you.)

Here is what the IAM sites say today:

Recently, many ugly rumors and innuendos have been spreading across the Internet regarding the fate of BMEzine, BMEvideo, IAM and Modblog, as well as the state of our personal relationship. Allow me to address the two issues separately.First, I wish to assure you that BMEzine, BMEvideo, and Modblog are fine and will continue to be so. While we have experienced some technical difficulties with IAM as of late, we expect those to be resolved in short order. Your personal content is perfectly safe, and will not be lost. Some user accounts appear to have been deleted but please don’t worry as we have a complete back up of the site from Wednesday September 19th, 2007 on a machine that is not affected by this outage. Those of you experiencing difficulty accessing the site will be fully credited for your down time. I wish to assure you that Shannon and Myself will continue in our respective roles at BMEzine as long as we both desire and I will strive to ensure its healthy future. BMEshop is entirely unrelated to this matter and is accepting and shipping orders just as they normally do.

Shannon is currently updating BodyTwo during this unscheduled outage. Shannon’s desired contact email address is snowrail@gmail.com.

Regarding personal matters, I feel sad that any issues regarding my relationship with my husband have been made public. I know you understand that there is a fine line between public and personal personas, a line that often blurs, especially in the “he said, she said” world of the Internet. Please respect our wishes to keep our personal lives just that…personal, while we work through this trying time.

Our mutual wish is that you continue to enjoy BMEzine and its family of sites. Please know that we value your contributions and the community at large.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
Rachel Larratt

This is now what the IAM site says. Thankfully, someone changed the “needlessly bitchy” page that was presented at the beginning of this affair. It has now been changed three times, and I find this one the most tactful, so I wanted to repost it in case it was removed.

Also, though every BME member understands that the reasoning behind this outage of IAM is a personal matter between two or more parties, the simple fact that our sites themselves have been brought into question has made it a personal matter with many members of this community.

On top of that, some of them, who already feel discouraged are leaving or deleting there accounts, or starting up groups elsewhere. In the world of Web 2.0, people can do this easily and I wonder if IAM and the BME community will ever be able to overcome this. Lots of people with personal, hidden things were suddenly terrified that they may be exposed to the entirety of the internet in one fell swoop. Though this has not happened, I’m sure that many will not want to experience that feeling of fear ever again.

To everyone that has dropped by to read in the past 24 hours, I thank you for your tact and ability not to spam the site with hate comments. I know that the issues at BME/IAM has made the community itself somewhat divided, and I would love to post more on the subject to keep readers up-to-date.


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