A Little More Information… Two Deleted Posts: From Jon & Rachel.

Finally, I’ve found the post by Jon that was on Modblog. It’s been deleted, and I couldn’t find the cache of it online anymore. In any case, here it is, courtesy of Misplaced Ice’s post on the BME community at LJ.

This is Jon posting as Shannon

As you can see, Shannon has not changed his password. For someone who fears being locked out you’d think the first thing any knowledgable computer person would do is change their password. He left his password the same because he wanted me to delete his post, because that would have only “proved” his continuing lies.

The betrayal post was deleted by him after a close friend called him out on using all of you to do his dirty work by slandering us. Believe it or not, I personally do not care, and to be very clear Im not here to slander anyone, Im posting to defend myself.

I had the courage to do what needed to be done in a very hard time, and all of you are slandering me based on another persons word.

Unless you know Shannon personally, your opinion of him or who controls BME is irrelevant. If you were not here last night talking to the police, or at the police station. I had to go because of shannons outlandish statements about me to the police, and I didn’t even witness what happened. I have known him for at least 5 years and have LIVED IN THE SAME HOUSE with him the entire time.

I removed his access to business essential systems after I received a call from Rachel saying she had just been assaulted, it was clear that he was being very irrational and was acting out of control. If you run a “family” business you may understand my reasons for doing so.

I have been the sole sysadmin for BME for over 3 years, I am responsible for all of our machines and services 24/7/365 and I take that responsibility very seriously.

IAM members, feel free to search his page for my name and see all that I have done for BME in the past, it certainly seems like most of you require a history lesson. I have saved BME countless times, and I have improved the overall quality of service 100 fold, and this is the thanks I get.

From Shannons page: http://iam.bmezine.com/iams.exe?cmd=find&username=glider&datematch=200602242123

2006/02/24 21:23 Sorry for all the trouble. I assure you “it hurts me more than it hurts you” — not that such a statement is relevant or consolation in the least!

Anyway, big thanks to Jon for temporarily donating his server (so his own site is currently offline) in order to keep BME online. We’ve tested the existing account, additions of new accounts, as well as the interface to IAM (and I’ve cleared up space for new accounts here also). That said, there may still be problems, so please tell one of us the details if you believe you found one.


Theres plenty more search for yourself

If you are my friend, if you know me personally, you know what type of person I am. Defend me if you wish, I wont hold it against you if you dont.

Obviously, you can’t go to any of the links that he has provided as of this time, but whenever IAM goes back up you should be able to.

Also, I’m pretty sure that if I anyone ever said, “Unless you know Shannon personally, your opinion of him or who controls BME is irrelevant,and didn’t delete the post would be digitally lynched in this community. It shouldn’t matter who we know if we pay and contribute and help the community and site grow just as much as anyone else. Yes, it was a good call to delete that post for that statement, but it was still read and that is still rather troubling for the administrator to say.

A quick question though: If he was there and he knew Rachel’s feelings about the entire thing, why would he go online and post the same amount of information about the personal aspect of this event as Shannon did?

Now, thanks to Lori’s comment on ModBlog, I have the post that Rachel had up and is now gone. Which, unlike her other posts, seems angry and hurt.

Shannon is not locked out of Modblog or IAM. It is the other way around. He has suspended both my page and Jon, our sysadmin. There are two things that he does, updating modblog (after Phil sends him images to post) and updating his personal blog.

He lied/exaggerated about being “sent to prison” as he spent a few hours in a police station just blocks from the house. I am not the “ex” wife. I am still his wife. Shannon and I are married, have not even legally separated even though I left him in the beginning of 2006.

I own 100% of BME and have been running the behind the scenes for almost 7 years. I do not enjoy the limelight so I stay out of it. I run the business as has been public knowledge until Shannon’s removal of links to me and references. Shannon is the “face” of BME. A public persona that you are all exposed to. If you don’t know who I am or who Jon is, that is because you haven’t been around or very long. Without Jon, IAM would have died last week and nothing would have been done to save it. He didn’t even get a thank you. When a server went down, *I* was the one on the first flight out to rebuild it. Learn your BME history.

I am not going to release the details of why Shannon was arrested. He has conveniently posted here, then said if the post was removed that it wasn’t him unless it was cross posted to bodytwo.com. It hasn’t been posted so it’s a very easy way to cause more drama. Just like he said he didn’t TOS my page.

Feel free to continue to cast judgment based on a vague post that conflicts itself. Those of you calling me “greedy” and making stupid assumptions about BME/IAM going offline have no idea what you are talking about. You will feel very foolish when this is all resolved and it is made very clear what the FACTS are.

Yikes. I think that both posts are a bit harsh and that’s the reason behind why they were removed, no other reason besides that and the personal information being so public–though there isn’t much. Also, if everyone’s posts like these have been removed, it makes sense that everyone deleted their own posts on the subject.

Now, it has gone from a “he said she did” to a “they said he did” feud. It’s just all messed up in my opinion because all these thousands of members and viewers are thrown into the mix because it spilled over into their business.

..And when is ModBlog going to be updated again? Have we lost it too?

Comment posted by — — —
at 9/30/2007 10:46:34 PM

I agree. This isn’t high school and if they didn’t want a private matter to become public, they (as a whole, not as an individual) should not have disclosed any information in the first place.

They could have simply left it as an IT problem that needed the servers taken down right then. I’m pretty sure everyone would have been pissed, but we would have delt with it better.

No matter what, it’s not as though I can ignore everything that I have read and I feel as though the community at large should know everything that is going on, but the only reason I am putting up the private parts of these deleted posts is because they were posted in the first place. They were posted to be read and that is why they are still up.

I just hope that everything works out for everyone and the community doesn’t have to stay as “We Were” and continue to be “I Am.” It brings people pride, as it should, and I hope it will continue to.

Comment posted by russell
at 9/30/2007 8:55:30 PM

With all this BME crap going on, I am torn. I have been able to overcome many obstacles and get the body mods I desired because of this site, and the encouragement that Shannon has given to me. Ask anyone in the general populace (mid MIssouri where I am), who runs BME you will always get the reply Shannon. That is fact. Like any large business with high profiles, the figure head gets the laud and honer, and those that do the work get the satusfactio of a job well done. But what I see, what i am hearing is that “we” the consumer do not matter and just wait cuz ….blah blah blah. If this is a “personal” fight, leave it at that. Period, keep it behind the scenes. The stature and crediblility of BME has been hurt, and how long will it take to gain trust of the consumers? This isn’t high school, this life. I’ve been knocked on my ass so many times it is pathetic, but I don’t go out to descredit that person, I buck up and move on.


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