Hmm, What to Think? (Good Thing I Backed Everything Up Days Ago..)

I’m just wondering around IAM, wondering: “What if?”

You know.. What if it went down for good. What if someone else did get control of it. What if the general population was banned from speaking.

Oops, I guess that last one slipped in by mistake.. Because it is happening.

I’m not someone that just blogs about whatever to get hits. I wanted to post these deleted posts from all of the people that had something to do with the downtime on IAM. I am not here to do it because of their “personal” problems. I am here to post their entries as they were when I found them, without anything removed.

If they didn’t want personal matters to enter into this, then none of them should have posted any of it.

The “technical” issues seem, well, to be frank, a dumb reason to take down the site. If someone had just looked into it, none of this uproar would have happened because, in the end, the same problem is still occurring on IAM.

I’m not out to take sides or attack one person or another, but I am not “above” calling out the people that have made mistakes this week by keeping their posts up, even though most of them have now been deleted and everything has been removed.

Now, when I ask questions about the current situation–i.e. Who is running this place? What is going to happen? What if legal issues arise?–I get the same run around as everyone else or I am completely ignored. I cannot imagine that this, being a business and all, can act in such a way towards any member of the community.

Still, I am not angry, no matter how much my post seems to be. I am getting annoyed, however, that when I try to link people that they are never “approved” or “allowed,” though the only reason I can find for this is because when they removed their posts, they wanted to forget about it. People do not always check IAM/BME and some will not find out about this for some time. For those people, I want to give them answers to their questions and allow them to draw their own conclusions.

If I ever seem to be choosing one side rather than another, I do not mean to. I just post the information in the order that I receive it.

Comment posted by Lady
at 10/2/2007 4:24:45 PM

I put it up before it was deleted and it is rather, well, legal sounding. As though, if not returned, that Shannon will have to press charges.

It is posted as the first repost here: <a href=”IAM is Back!
..But There Are Issues.”>IAM is Back! ..But There Are Issues.

Rachel says that she owns BME. The problem that I find with that, is simply that everything on BME says that it is copywritten by Shannon, not Rachel. Maybe she owns the name, but not the material. If that is so, then Shannon still owns the content and it should be handed back over to him.

But I am only assuming the above paragraph, so don’t take it to heart.

Comment posted by BoredSomebody
at 10/2/2007 10:36:36 AM

Yesturday, I believe, there was another post by Shannon on that has since been changed/deleted, basically stating that he should be given his site back and he is ordering the stop to others using his copyrighted material…The whole thing was rather final/legal/hostile sounding.

I didn’t get a copy of it, didn’t think to – if anyone has a copy that should probably go with the rest.

I was around BME about four years ago and I liked it then, I haven’t had the internet for a while, got it again, found BME again – and then less than three days later I’m broadsided by the drama. I somehow expected better of the site and it’s leaders/owners…I’m not judging anything until everything is resolved tho.


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