IAM is Back! ..But There Are Issues.

Well, I read Shannon’s post first. Sorry. It’s just the way it happened to be since I still haven’t been able to enter my IAM account because I’ve had problems since this whole thing started.

This is his post from BodyTwo:

Let me state very clearly that bothRachel Larratt/Zimmerman and Jonathon Marshall have been fired from their former positions at BME (the bmezine.com family of sites) and are operating fully without my consent in their theft of the site and its content, as well as the theft of my personal sites. In addition they have seized control of my other accounts (MySpace, etc.) in an attempt to silence me and spread false information. They are no longer employed my myself, BME, or PsyberCity in any capacity and are possessing the site and locking me and other BME employees out without my consent.

I demand immediate return of all BME properties and access codes, and demand that they immediately cease using my copyrighted content and software.

Shannon Larratt

(This post has since been deleted.)

That’s not good. If Shannon’s serious, he’s going to have to file charges against both of them and the entire site will end up in the courts if they don’t hand it back over to him. This is not a pirate ship and it is not a democracy–whoever owns it, owns it–period.

Now, once I read this I remembered Rachel’s account on IAM and jumped over there to read her post about IAM.

Thank you all for being so patient. I understand that there has been a lot of confusion over what has transpired over the past few days. If you haven’t seen what I have posted in response to requests to clarify the “technical issues”, this basically sums it up:

I cannot apologize enough for having to take IAM down without notice. Starting from Thursday morning, the order of events that we suddenly started seeing was that some of the CGI’s were being deleted from the server on a regular basis. We then put in place a mechanism to replace those CGIs when they were removed while investigating the behavior. Once that was in place, we noticed that something was deleting user profiles so we made the decision to turn off services and prevent further data loss while we investigate the matter. It seems that the act of disabling IIS has prevented further account deletions. We are still investigating the matter and require the site to be off line until we are able to pin point the cause of the data loss. Please remember that we have a back up of the site from 9/19/2007 so any profiles that may have been affected will be restored.

As with any unscheduled downtime, we have always credited members with more than the outage period and there has NEVER been an instance where we did not credit members for an unscheduled outage. Rachel

I understand that this sounds scary. I have to admit that I was worried which is why I made the judgment call to disable public access to IAM. This meant that the users could not browse IAM but Admins could. This is why sometimes you would get my explanation and sometimes you would get a “your IP is blocked” message. You have my sincerest apologies about the first “IAM is down” message. It was not acceptable and as soon as I became aware of it, I removed it. I replaced it with a short temporary outage message and then one that tried to explain the situation while we worked to assess it. While many of you don’t know me personally, I have always had the best interests of BME/IAM and the community at large at heart. My first priority is keeping everyone safe and secure.

We basically had a situation, as explained above where specific CGI files were being deleted, if someone was loading a page at the right time, the CGI would just spit out garbage into the cache of that specific page and that was what was making pages look like they’d been deleted. It would be loaded by the next person who saw the page. Luckily no data was lost, no pages were deleted, only the impression that this had happened. Everything turned out to be fairly simply to fix once we discovered what the problem was. Now we need to assess if this is still happening by turning the site back on for the public and see if the same previous conditions will trigger the same type of problem. We continue to have this situation but have confirmed it is doing no damage to data so we are leaving the site up. There will be intermittent errors but just hit refresh.

As always, you can and should back up your diary entries by going here. Your data has always been safe and we do have back up from September 19th, 2007. We will be posting a link to do the exact same for your photos so you can download them in a single zip file by the end of the week. I will post as soon as it is available. I know that going through your pages looking for each photo is not easy. This will make it much easier for those of you who do not wish to keep your IAM pages so if you would like to give it a couple days, we’ll do all the work for you.

Thank you again. I hope everyone can understand the situation as I have tried to explain it to the best of my ability. If anyone has any questions, I have always answered my IM’s and emails. Any questions you may have are welcome and I want to assure you that IAM was never going anywhere, we just needed to put a stop to whatever it was that was causing this phenomena.

We will be crediting all IAM pages with one month of free access. I hope that this helps to ease the fears that many of you have. I know how hard it is to go without IAM for even a few hours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either send me an IM or to post in the forum below. If you find any technical errors, please report them immediately, either via IM or the forum so we may address them as quickly as possible.

Well, I have several questions for both all parties about the fate of BME. Do you?

If you are afraid to comment because you have to enter your e-mail address, do not be. The only reason you have to put that is to keep the spam off of the site. So, if you have any questions or comments, please, go ahead and speak.

Comment posted by Lady
at 10/1/2007 1:13:14 PM

Actually, if Billy did get outted, lots of people would join the Microsoft bandwagon. Lol.

The thing is, IAM/BME is different than most community sites. It serves as a place that people who are different and feel different finally get to be accepted. Many people take pride in it and are protective of such a place as it becomes a second home.

Therefore, when something happens and anyone is attacked in any way, people get upset. People get hurt.

This isn’t MySpace. It has a heart and a soul and people want it to stay that way. They (we) find it as though someone is attacking a friend, rather than someone we don’t know or just “some website” that we visit.

Comment posted by bill
at 10/1/2007 1:06:54 PM

As long as the site is up and running, I think thats all anyone who is not directly related to whatever is happening should worry about. In the end, it IS a business, and businesses change hands sometimes. If policies, and the way its ran does not change, its not your concern who owns it. If the board of directors kicks Bill Gates out of Microsoft, will everyone stop using Windows? Doubtful.

Does that mean I think all of this is right?
But is it anyones business?

Comment posted by Lady
at 10/1/2007 12:49:40 PM

The trust is lost for many and I wonder if IAM/BME will ever be able to recover from such a thing.

This community is very private for many people and I’m sure that lots of them will follow your lead and refuse to go back until Shannon is in charge yet again.

Myself, I am waiting for responses from Rachel on IAM. I also wish that Shannon would get back to me on some questions about the fate of the community.

I fear that it is becoming “We Were” instead of “I Am.”

Comment posted by N.
at 10/1/2007 12:44:35 PM

I find it all to be extremely deceptive and refuse to retern to iam.bmezine until Shannon is given back what is rightfully his.

It’s sad to know people have forgotten that iam. was built by Shannon with his own money, time, devotion and passion. Not only has he supported and financially backed many people in the community, (suspension groups, conventions, events etc) he has also personally called hospitals, family members etc strictly out of concern for the wellbeing of one of it’s members.

Iam. has become home to many people. A safe haven. The trust has now been shattered.


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