Disspelled Rumors About IAM/IAM2.

After reading up a bit on the subject of IAM2–which is not associated in any way with the original or BME, except for permission to use the title and coding in it’s name–has been subject to many of the rumors spreading about the community.

Many people thought that since IAM went down for an undisclosed time, as read in the first IAM offline page put up at the start of the events, that IAM2 would take over or that IAM(1) would be shut down for IAM2.

From Phantazm’s, one of the co-owners of IAM2, IAM site, this can be found:

IAM2 Important Information!

I’ve been made aware that as of late there are some “rumors” out there that seem to imply that someone “close” to IAM2 has stated that IAM2 is being developed to “keep people who are into specific mods, or are from specific social scenes, etc., off of IAM“. First off, I wish to assure ANYONE that was under this impression that this is MISINFORMATION and is simply NOT THE CASE!

I’m not certain who may have started these “rumors” (but I have a suspicion, so if you’re reading this I suggest you contact me ASAP!), but as the founder of IAM2 I can ASSURE YOU that this is not the case!

I’ll post more information in my diary here, on IAM2, and in IAM2 forums, but bottom line… IAM2 is NOT BEING DEVELOPED TO DRAW PEOPLE AWAY FROM IAM in any way! Period!

On behalf of IAM2, I officialy and publicly apologize for any misinformation or misunderstanding! Again, be above “rumor” is NOT TRUE!

So, it can be said that the rumors where floating around before the unexpected downtime of IAM, but it helped spread them faster.

From Phantazm’s IAM2 site, this can be found about the newer rumors and influx of new users:

Recent events seem to have caused a bit of a surge in user registrations here at IAM2. Please note that at this time IAM2 is NOT COMPLETE and we really didn’t plan to “open the doors” for at least another month! However, due to unforeseen outages over on IAM, we’ce decided that since people quite obviously want a place to go (at least in the meantime) that we would give them one.

The rumors of IAM2 trying to “steal” users from IAM are false. Also, IAM2 replacing IAM is false. These are just rumors and should be either ignored or corrected.

When I emailed Phantazm about the current situation, he responded as follows.

Well, all I can say is that IAM going down had NOTHING to do with IAM2
replacing it!  )   As far as what’s going on over at IAM, I’m as much in
the dark as everyone else.

IAM2 is ENTIRELY SEPARATE from IAM.  It is owned by myself and
SorryNoRemorse and BME / Rachel / Shannon / etc… have NO STAKE in it

The “concept” so to speak is based on IAM, and that was done with
Shannon’s permission from the beginning.

So, if you are interested in IAM2, please head over there but do keep in mind that it is still under development.

Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion on the subject.


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