This Past Week..

The past week or so has done a number on me. I’ve been working on the blogs for the whole BME/IAM situation (find it all here) and I think it’s getting to me.

I mean, I’m in a serious relationship and any time that you hear about things happening to other people, it makes you think. It makes one wonder if their relationship(s) might end up the same way.. So, I want to know what I’ve been doing right and wrong in this one.

I do know what I do wrong though. There is a lot. I am rather eccentric, and I have to have everything one way or no way, so that’s a huge vise when living with another person. Also, there are several other things, but mainly my attitude and stubbornness, but I doubt that those things will magically change overnight.

We didn’t even spend the night here yesterday, but that was nice. It was different, and maybe that’s just what we need. Hell if I know, I don’t even really understand myself all too well after all these years, let alone how other people work.

In any case, I’m better and currently alone tonight, save the animals and relatives that are home because of doctor’s appointments tomorrow.

I did change the site theme in order for it to load faster with all the hits I was getting this past week, so it’s rather fast to load and has few (one) image. So, I’ll be changing it to B r o k e n F i n g e r n a i l : : Version 1.3 soon!

Along with that, I changed a lot of themes again and I hope to upgrade again soon. There are lots more ads this time around because we don’t have the money to pay the bills and no one wants to hire either of us. It really sucks and I don’t want to lose the cars.

Anything else? I know that there was something else.. Oh yes! I am selling things on eBay again because I have been unable to come up with money any other way, so you might want to drop by and see if there is anything that you would like to buy.!


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