A New Day.. Is it Halloween Yet?

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Or, should I say, un-holiday. We used to get off school for Halloween so the kids could go trick-or-treating that night, but, in our conservative little community, they think of it as a satanic day, so, it’s almost shunned by many houses.

Honestly, I just like to go to those houses and knock on the door in the middle of the night. They never have their lights on and they will call the police on you. Those people are just evil–Halloween is a fun little holiday for children, but they take it all wrong. Evil bastards.

They are probably the same type of people that made Christmas a present holiday with Santa Claus, then got pissed off because it wasn’t about Jesus anymore. Oh well, grow up. Children need things like this, because the world is a horrible place and the holiday season helps out and gives them many quality family hours that they will never get otherwise.

Also, I don’t put Christmas–I write Xmas. It’s not because I don’t believe or anything like that. I know the purpose of the holiday and I don’t mind that so much because people have changed it so it can be taken in small doses by children. I write “Xmas” because Jesus’ name in Hebrew starts with a “X” and that was the original purpose of shortening it to “Xmas,” not because people hate your lord and savor.

So, before you bitch a fit, read up on the facts. It’s common knowledge and you would think that someone so educated in the bible and all other biblical works would know such a thing..


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