Happy Halloween!

I know, I know… I’m missing posts. I would have everything back by now, but I have no idea if I’ll ever find all of the posts. So, if you have any of them or know where I can find them, please let me know.

The whole ordeal with the sites getting messed up and everything going back to earlier this month is because one of the hard drives died on the server that I am hosted on and, guess what?, that disk also had the “daily backups” that everyone is guaranteed. So, yeah. Whenever I get the money, I’ll be leaving HostNine.

In any case, I won’t be updating too much until I get the site(s) back up. It sucks, but I lost a ton of stuff that I had been working on–like several days work on php. Gah. The only good thing that I get out of this is the free month of service because of this huge mistake.. Since I doubt I would have had the money to pay for it anyway.

Besides all of this, I’m sick and I just want it to go away.. Gah, I hate head colds. They just suck. Period. Gah.

Good news? Our mice had a litter a couple of days ago. Ten. Yeah, ten.

Well, I’ll certainly be working on everything once I feel better, but until then–HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Comment posted by Donnie
at 11/1/2007 4:03:43 AM

With as much crap as you’ve had to go through with this host I’d leave the damn thing too. Happy Evil Pumpkin Day.


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