Some Issues.

Well, please ignore the little bits of uselessness that appears at the bottom of some of the old posts. Also, please understand that the comments become part of the post when you backup then restore them, so that explains that part. Next, all of my old categories are gone and I’ve decided not to bother with them anymore. I spent so much time working on them last time, but I am not going through 130+ posts and fixing it, so they are done.

I do have to give props to the backup software that I used, Blog Backup Online. It’s free up to 50 megs, so it is really quite nice and works very well for even someone that has no idea how it works. You can backup however many blogs you need to as well, which is another plus.

Another set of props goes to WordPress for being a team player. If you use them for free on their site it is about the same as hosting it yourself–give or take. Sure, you can’t customize it half as much, but what can you expect for free? Honestly, I thought the free service would suck but it is by far better than I ever thought it would be. I will be using this program again for blogging on the new host, no doubt.

Other than that, my AdSense is unusable for the time being since I am on a free host, but if you ever feel the need to donate, please send some cash my way via PayPal to: 32degressF [at] gmail [dot] com. Hopefully, you know how it really goes on there, but spam bots don’t. Good for me.


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