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Closer to the Holiday Season.

December 20, 2007

Is it winter yet? I wish it was. It has snowed here once and may possibly again Sunday, but who knows if that will stick?

Anyway, I’ve been working on another little site, also hosted here, for our mousery. It is called What the Cat Dragged In, and you can find it at It has photos, blog entries, and–soon–information about the mice. It’s still a “work in progress,” so give a girl a break.

So, we’re working on the mice, have a new cat, and, as sorry as I am to say this, Bill passed away on the 4th of November. Maple was sad and depressed for quite some time, but she is better about being alone outside, though I’m sure she would love to have another kitty again. Unfortunately, all of our cats are terrified of her and she doesn’t have any new feline friends.

What else? Hell, I have no idea. I had thought out what I was going to type, but then when I opened the page–BOOOOOM!–it’s all gone.

Well, I do know that I was going to mention the current theme. I like it, actually, and I’ll probably keep it up till after the New Year, simply because it fits the whole season of winter. Speaking of, what happened to the winters that I remember from childhood? Anymore, they just suck.

I love hippy free men music. (Sorry for the random add-in, but an info-mercial for 60’s & 70’s music is on.)