The Internet is the Evilest Thing Invented–At Least Dial-Up is.

Seriously. Our regional provider is shit. They constantly go down and their servers don’t respond half of the time. Gah, they are nothing but a huge pile of cords–believe me, I’ve seen it.

The entire system is based out of the local high school and is hidden in the back of the library. One wall is nothing but telephone cords connected to old modems. Those then connect to the main system, which is less than a T1 connection.

Now, to explain that a little better, let me explain: Several thousand users have this service. Those users have the ability to dial-up from multiple lines using the same account. This means that a whole family with several phone lines can been taking up a large amount of the bandwidth and keeping others from connecting.

Also, since there are a limited amount of connection points, during busy internet usage hours–from 4PM to 10PM here–it is hard to connect. On top of that, during the summer when children are out of school more are online and holiday shoppers continue to stay online all night long to get things at the last minute.

That means that this time of year when the kids get out of school and Xmas is almost here, it is almost impossible to get online during the day. I’ve even been having trouble with it at all hours of the night and morning, as more and more users connect randomly because they are getting presents and emails.

So, it’s been hell. I want DSL, simply because I upload tons of stuff and the only thing that it would really effect [compared to broadband] would be my first-person shooter games on the pings. Even then, they would be better than what I get now.

Anyway, I finished quite a bit on the mousery page, compared to all the issues I’ve been having. I did a lot of the work in between dialing and connectivity, with saves every time I could get online.

The new cat, Cecilia, is laying next to me on the bed. She is rather proud of herself since she caught three wild mice today. She is still hunting. I couldn’t kill one of them that she mauled and left alive, though she was a rather old female and in pain. I had to have J. do it for me. (I actually cried a little, it was so sad to see that poor mouse.)

Well, just don’t forget that the site is here now and I won’t be updating the .com till it is switched over. After that, this will just be a backup blog in case something happens again. Until the end of the year, the .com will be up for those who have not noticed that I’ve moved. Actually, it will probably be down a little bit before the end of the year, just so you all know.


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