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Coco & Marshmellows.

December 22, 2007

What an awesome combination.

Anyway, I’ve been working online the most of the day–which for me is between 4PM and, well, now–and I’ve gotten a little bit accomplished.

For one, I found a little place for hosting my mousery for free, which is sweet. Then I’ve just been working on the different parts of it, like the new forums and the website that isn’t just a blog for it.

Besides that, we’ll be cleaning the cages this weekend. They were supposed to be cleaned today/tonight, but I need to go get bedding first. There is only enough to fill one cage, not all four.

We also need to get another cage or two. Two would be best, but one would do for the time being. That and more food of course. We currently have a breeding pair in a smaller cage than the rest of them, and I’m planning on leaving the male there and giving the female the treehouse to have her litter.

The only reason why we need a couple more cages is because of the litter that we have now that starts to be seperated next week.