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Sad? Yes.

December 27, 2007

Sometimes, people just can’t let go. They just can’t forget.

Sometimes, someone that you dated for several months over five years ago, won’t let go.

Sometimes, that person just keeps trying to butt in, keeps trying to make themselves feel better (I can only assume) by picking on someone that they said they cared about once upon a time.

Now, it’s really sad because it wasn’t a great relationship and it was just a high school thing, but this guy can not leave me alone.

I don’t know if it’s because you still “like” me or not, but your attempts at whatever you are trying to do are pointless.

We dated in high school.

We dated for around seven to eight months.

We never had sex, we never did anything.

I dated a lot of guys in high school.

I dated guys for longer than you.. And you know what? When it was over with them, they got over it and moved on.

Obviously, this is something that you cannot do.

Get your own life, find something better to do.

I just wish you luck at this, because if I’ve been on your mind for all these years, it must be so hard to forget me.