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I Have Plans for Today/Tonight!

June 29, 2007

Once he gets back, we’re going to go out and eat at this little park over in the next state that I love oh so much.

Then tonight, we’re going to go to the movies in town, but I don’t know what we’re going to see yet.

All that’s on at our movie theatre is: 1408, Evan Almighty, Live Free or Die Hard, & Ratatouilee.

I’d like to see either Evan Almighty or 1408. Either way, I’ll be happy.

Because I will not watch another Die Hard movie. One is too many.

Anyway, I’m going to go do something tonight and that’ll be so nice! We haven’t gone out in a while and this will surely help with our stress level.!

Oh yes, and the money situation is good for the next week and we could afford to do this as well, so, yay!

Comment posted by — — —
at 7/2/2007 5:39:12 PM

How true.
But, seeing as a dead corpse could probably act better, it’d be an improvement.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 7/1/2007 4:21:11 PM

Bruce Willis dying would result in another Die Hard movie about him foiling a terrorist plot concocted by satan. Or satin.

Comment posted by — — —
at 7/1/2007 3:38:52 PM

Bruce Willis can go to hell.
Seriously. I hate Die Hard movies.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 6/29/2007 6:13:16 PM

You must succumb to the power of Bruce Willis.


Sometimes, I Don’t Think They Want My Money.

June 29, 2007

Currently (and for the past couple of days) I have been attempting to pay the phone bill.

Here’s the thing: It keeps telling me to do it online. Even when I go online with the phone, they tell me I need to go online on my computer. When I go there, it will not load.

Repeatedly, this has happened and it’s annoying me to no end. Really.

I just want to pay my bill-which is due tomorrow-and get it over with.

Oh, for the love of whatever god you believe in.. It finally decided to work!

Sometimes, the internet is the satan. Or stan. Or whatever you call him. Satin!

Comment posted by Donnie
at 6/29/2007 5:56:11 PM

Anytime is fine with me, I’m not picky.

Comment posted by — — —
at 6/29/2007 4:58:03 PM

Oh yes, before I forget: Maybe tomorrow?
We’ll probably be gaming Saturday night, but if we bother waking up we could hang out with you tomorrow, or maybe Sunday.

Just tell me what you think sometime.

Comment posted by — — —
at 6/29/2007 4:56:36 PM

No no no. Satan is SATIN.
It’s really weird and hard to explain, but let’s just say that when “God” did everything, he hated the fabric “satin” and banished it, not some random angel.

Though, an angel wearing satin could be a possibly. His name would probably be Stan.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 6/29/2007 4:52:46 PM

Yes, the internet is a wonderful fabric.

What Should I Name This?

June 28, 2007

I have no idea.

So, what’s up with today? Or, should I say, the past couple of days? All it’s been doing is storming and raining then the sun shines and it happens all over again. It’s so repetitive. Boring too, because it’s not something fun I can chase or anything like that. These aren’t even severe storms!

Though, I shouldn’t complain. Because if I do, a big friggin’ tornado is going to come down and get me.

Which wouldn’t surprise me.

Well, we’re having our troubles. And by that I mean the normal things that happen when teenagers become adults. So, I’m trying to figure out what exactly we’ll be doing soon. Sure, a house would be great if I could MAGICALLY WIN THE LOTTERY, but for some reason I doubt that’ll be occurring soon.

So, what other options do we have? Well, we could both get another job and try to get an apartment, which will eat away at our money until we have nothing.

I’m just thinking about everything-which happens a lot-and trying to pick out the best things that we can possibly do in our current situation.


Thinking About Money.

June 27, 2007

And what else I can sell for some quick cash.

A while back, I sold off a bunch of old rings for a couple of bucks. The video games I have left aren’t worth a penny, and I couldn’t sell them on eBay or anything like that if I tried–which I have.

I’d like to sell some of my old clothes in a yard sale or something, but, damn it, living in the country gets no people to come out. Besides that, I’m too overprotective of my kitties and I wouldn’t want people driving in and out of here like bats out of hell like they normally do.

Oh well, I’ll manage to sell some Cutco or something like that this week and I’ll have some extra money for the week.

Then the next two weeks will be nice because we won’t have to have money for anything but gas and food. But after that bills bills bills bills bills again. (Except there are more than five bills, believe me.)

For some reason, I’m sore today. Not like I did anything but sleep till one. Hehe, that’s something I haven’t much had the ability to do recently. But, you know, we were out playing Vampires till three AM and had been there since around eight, just not playing the whole time.

Speaking of, I drew out my character and a short little background thing, though the Storyteller hasn’t told me everything yet and I’m just building up around what he’s left off.

Along with that, I wrote out two pages of her abilities and all but the very bottom of one page was for her Melpominee. Christ, there are seven levels to it and, honestly, the seventh one isn’t as good as the sixth one. Strange but true.

Anyway, I don’t really have any plans for tonight again. Just trying not to be stressed out and bickering, which has been happening a lot since this whole money situation started. Oh well, it can’t be ignored completely and it’ll happen, so we just have to deal with it. But, of course, that doesn’t mean it’s all better. It’s not and we know that, but we’ll survive.

Till next month at least.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 6/29/2007 4:09:01 PM

Take the street behind Trademart for two blocks, take a left then a right and you will find the seafoam green house of the hermit.

I have a map of it because I have THAT much time on my hands.

[ MapQuest map removed for safety reasons. ]

Comment posted by — — —
at 6/29/2007 2:43:26 PM

Actually, I don’t. Isn’t that funny?
I can’t remember where the hidden alley of DOOM and children is hiding.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 6/29/2007 1:56:41 AM

Well, you know where to find me.=P

Comment posted by — — —
at 6/28/2007 4:51:59 PM

I was going to get ahold of you yesterday, but things came up.

Blah, believe me, we’ll go out sometime this week.
What is today? Thursday. Crap. Well, sometime within a week.
I’d like to play Vampires either tonight or tomorrow, so I don’t know.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 6/28/2007 11:11:57 AM

We should do something sometime, its been like over a month. I need to leave this house.


June 26, 2007

Playstation 2

I Slept Forever.

June 26, 2007

Well, at least ten hours of sleep.

I haven’t done that in a long time. Except for when I was sick last month, but it wasn’t just peaceful sleep like last night.

I was just too damn tired to do anything.

I did manage to work on the site a bit before passing out.. Working on the comments and font colors and sizes some more, as well as a couple of icons. I also put up a donation box on the side, though I don’t think that icon matches very well with the site, so I’ll be changing it soon to something better suited to the colors and smoothness.

Anything else? I didn’t think so. I’m going to go eat more chicken nuggets. (I actually made them myself!)

Again, I’ll Say That I Need to Clean My Room, But I Probably Won’t.

June 25, 2007

I did, however, manage to roll four dollars worth of pennies that we had. Almost 450 pennies. Actually, this would be one of the reasons behind why I need to clean my room. You see, there is change down there somewhere, underneath piles of dirt and clothes and trash. And, if I can find it, there should be several more dollars in my floor. Isn’t it just as good as digging through the couch cushions? We don’t have a couch, or a loveseat, or a chair, so the floor mess will just have to do.

Now if only I can magically find some strange, alien life-form in the floor as well, we’ll be good to go on the money situation.

Done With That.. Now What?

June 25, 2007

So, I handed in everything already. Got to explain what was up to one of the people I worked with that I actually got along with, as well as one of the residents that didn’t want to see me go.

How sad does that last part sound?

Anyway, I have to head to a meeting, well, not really a meeting, per-say, later today-around one-and get some food. I think that I may have five dollars to put in the gas tank, though that’ll be enough for the trip today and that’s about all. We’re screwed on money, seriously, and I’m thinking that I may just have to borrow some since we over-withdrew by like, one dollar. (Just tell me that doesn’t suck.)

Well, I’m currently wondering whether or not I should send a letter to the company that I was working at and telling them all the things that have been going on or if I should write one to state. Either way, it doesn’t much matter because they have someone on the side of both that are relatives of employees and they’ll know ahead of time if anyone is coming to give an inspection. That’s bullshit, by the way.

If anyone has any ideas on what I should do about that, please go right ahead and comment. It’d be much appreciated, since I’m currently perplexed on the subject.

Comment posted by — — —
at 6/25/2007 5:27:13 PM

That’s not something I want to ever have to ask for.

Though, if you are in the market for buying expensive things, I can totally help you.

Comment posted by Donnie
at 6/25/2007 10:36:21 AM

I’d gladly lend you whatever cash I have if you need it.

Animal Crossing: For Lazy Bums?

June 24, 2007

I mean, I was just reading a review and the guy made a great point: Here you are, on a train, going to move to a new town and when someone (a cat named Rover, of all things) asks you where you’re house is, you have no idea.. Because you didn’t bother buying one before leaving home! How much more of a lazy bum does one have to be? Here we go… On a train ride. You are sitting there and BOOM, you come to the realization that you don’t have anywhere to stay.! Lazy? Yes. Stupid, even more so. But, damn it, I just love this game to death.

Hopefully, I’ll find my controllers here in a bit and I can go play while *someone* plays Red Ninja on the Playstation 2.

Oh yes, someone needs to buy me a PS3 & a WII. Anyone?

Weird News:

June 24, 2007
  • Pig’s Blood Covers Highway, Flooding It In Oregon
  • Man Sues After Plane Piloted By FBI Agents Collided With His Lamborghini
  • Ex-Marine Kills Bear With Log At Georgia Campground
  • Winner Of A Rusted 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Died In 1979
  • Firefighters Fail Drug Test After Battling Blaze That Claimed A Ton Of Marijuana